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Bio-Dex Laboratories

4212 West Innovative Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85086 United States of America Tel: 623-582-2400

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Protect All Supreme | Bio-Dex Laboratories, LLC.

... All Supreme safely removes and prevents stains and scale/calcium buildup below the waterline. Results can be seen ... to-use product that removes problems such as calcium and scale-buildup on pools, spas and decorative pools. The ...

Stain & Scale | Bio-Dex Laboratories, LLC.

... beauty of your pool. The product removes stains, scale, calcium, iron, rust and corrosion. It also prevents problems from returning. CLICK HERE for more! Salt Protect Salt Protect solves a variety of common pool problems including stain, scale, iron, corrosion and rust. It also controls hard ...

300 Tile Cleaner | Bio-Dex Laboratories, LLC.

... Tile Cleaner 300 Tile Cleaner is formulted remove scale buildup, oils and dirt from tile and other non-porous surfaces. This product works by applying directly to calcium deposits and allowing to dwell for a period ...

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Bio-Dex's product line is used by homeowners as well as swimming pool professionals who care ...

Phoenix Products Company - Phoenix Divina Products

55 Container Drive Terryville, CT 06786 United States of America Tel: 860-589-7502

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Phoenix Calcium Reducer - Phoenix Products Co.Phoenix Products Co.

... all sanitizing systems, restores water clarity and inhibits scale formation. When applied as directed Calcium Reducer will reduce calcium levels to the ideal ...

Phoenix Stain Out - Phoenix Products Co.Phoenix Products Co.

Phoenix Stain Out Product Details Removes Stains Caused by Iron, Copper & Calcium. Metal and metal ions occur naturally in the water used to fill your pool. ...

Balancers - Phoenix Products Co.Phoenix Products Co.

... 10LB, 25LB, 50LB. Read more... Phoenix Reserve Raises calcium hardness level safely in pool water. You should maintain the level of calcium in your pool water at 200 ppm in ...

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We are Phoenix Products. For those of you who know us and use our products, ...

Hamlin Pools

300 West Eldora Road Pharr, TX 78577 United States of America Tel: 956-787-3281

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SAVE time and money - sequester your pool! - Hamlin Pools

... algae out breaks and a reduction in the calcium scaling of my tile. The family also commented on ...

Water Quality and Problems - Hamlin Pools

... water feature. The whitish, grayish crusty stuff is calcium. If taste and oder of the drinking water or scaling appliances, spotting dishes, glasses, or shower walls is ...

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... algae out breaks and a reduction in the calcium scaling of my tile. The family also commented on ...

Tri-City Vinyl

640 E Morley Dr Saginaw, MI 48601-9402 United States of America Tel: 800-334-9949

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... how can I get rid of them? Scales Scales may be caused by the following: High pH levels; high total alkalinity levels; high calcium hardness levels; or high TDS levels. You need ...

GLI Pool Products

215 Sinter Court Youngstown, OH 44510 United States of America Tel: 330-744-8812

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... 0 ppm Total Alkalinity Weekly 80 – 120 ppm Calcium Hardness Monthly 200 – 300 ppm Stabilizer Monthly 35 – 60 ppm What is pH? PH is the measurement of acidity in the pools water. PH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral. ...

Valley Aquatic Solutions

2009 Enterprise Drive De Pere, WI 54115 United States of America Tel: 920-687-8351

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... and service their leading line of Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite (cal-hypo) ... the sludge and scaling often found with other cal-hypo systems. Learn ...

Capo Industries Ltd.

P.O. Box 564 West Chester, PA 19381 United States of America Tel: 800-263-8250

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Waterway Plastics

2200 Sturgis Rd Oxnard, CA 93030 United States of America Tel: 805-981-0262

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Waterway Plastics is an injection-molding manufacturer supplying products to the pool, spa and bath industries. ...

Pioneer H2o Tech., Inc. (AKA BluWater Technologies)

3225 S Wadsworth Unit L Lakewood, CO 80227 United States of America Tel: 303-985-2920

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... 230,400 Magnesium 45,900 Sodium 36,600 Calcium 17,600 Potassium 7,800 As this information ...

Deep Blue Water Technologies

3849 N. Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705 United States of America 877-882-4695