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For over 30 years, Aquatic Access pool lifts have been helping people get in and out of water -- using only water pressure as the power. With thousands of lifts in service around the world, Aquatic Access designs and manufactures lifts for commercial and residential in-ground and above-ground pools, spas, swimspas, therapy tubs and pools, boats and docks, water park attractions, and cruise ships. The IGAT-180 series of lifts meets or exceeds all of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Their simple non-electric design allows for safe, reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective operation, with very little time and attention required from staff.

There are no batteries, daily charging, solar cells, remotes, actuators, contacts, motors, oils, gears, expensive replacement electronics or extensive maintenance schedules -- just water flowing in to lift the seat, and flowing out to lower the seat. Once the seat is raised, it is ready for use at any time with no energy expended. As the water is recycled - usually flowing out into the pool and replacing evaporated water, it is essentially free energy. Maintenance is regular inspection and occasional cleaning and polishing. Parts are simple and easy to replace by any handy person with common tools.

We also design and manufacture custom lifts as well as larger models with stretcher options for rehab centers. Lifts can be modified for use by bariatric patients with wider seats and greater lifting capacities. Custom designs include lifts for outdoor porches and decks, canine aquatic therapy, lifts with a 1,000 lb capacity. Standard accessories are chest and lap belts, headrests, footrests, flip-up armrests.

Simple is Smart, Easy on the Earth, Easy on the Budget.