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In 2001, Water Tech was founded on a vision to bring an innovative and evolutionary idea to the way people maintained their pools. Out of a small studio apartment in Manhattan, the Pool Buster Max was born.
The nontraditional approach to pool cleaning was not immediately embraced by the pool industry. However, consumers saw the convenience in the product and word began to spread. It was not long before retailers had to take notice and the Pool Buster Max quickly became a must have item. This was a major milestone and led to the Water Tech’s first major expansion. By 2005, Water Tech relocated its operations to East Brunswick, New Jersey. With over 1,400 sq. ft. the new facility offered increased office space and provided the platform to expand sales nationwide through big box retailers.

Fast forward to 2007, continued success would lead Water Tech to increase its operation again, adding an additional 5,000 sq. ft. The Pool Blaster brand name was then born and two new products, the Catfish and the Aqua Broom were launched. The financial crisis to follow provided a means of assurance that even in a struggling economy, consumers saw the value in Pool Blaster products.

Today, Water Tech continues to push the envelope in the pool industry. Now operating out of a 23,000 sq. ft. facility serving customers in both domestic and international markets with a product catalog featuring over twenty-five products.

Our newest products, the SpaVac is the perfect solution for cleaning up even the smallest debris from Hot Tubs and small Spas. Need a better pool toy organizer? The Pool Pouch is the perfect solution for Pool and Spa toys and other play things that litter the pool area can now be kept at arms reach in a highly-functional organizer and carrier. Lightweight and more than doubles it size when filled up.

From our handheld Grit Gitter small pool and spa cleaner to our full line of Battery Powered Pool Cleaners that include the Aqua Broom, Catfish, Pool Blaster Max , Pool Blaster Max CG and the industrial version Pool Blaster Pro. Of course if you need more power, we have a full line of Robotic Powered Pool Cleaners such as the Blue Pearl, Blue Sapphire, Blue Diamond or the commercial version Blue Diamond Pro.

Water Techs corporate website offers its visitors an array of helpful information from helping you research our numerous products to our state of the art Customer Support Experience in handling any Water Tech product related questions. We welcome you in visiting our website.

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