Bio-Dex's product line is used by homeowners as well as swimming pool professionals who care the most about the quality and cleanliness of their pools.

For over forty years Bio-Dex has produced industry-leading products for the care of swimming pools and spas, including algae control, stain and scale remover, and hardness remover.

Bio-Dex products address many pool and spa problems from removing cloudy water to reducing fumes during acid washing, Bio-Dex has a solution for you. is your source for information about pool and spa care as well as tips and suggestions for tackling the most difficult problems, while making each pool and spa care task more effective and longer lasting.

1. Skill-It Algaecide
2. Aqua Pure Algaecide
3. Phosphate Remover+Plus
4. 300 Tile Cleaner
5. Protect-All Supreme
6. Clearex 500
7. Salt Protect
8. Plaster White 'n Brite
9. Aquadex 50 Stain-Off
10.Enzyme - Oil-Out

Categories: Chemicals
1. Algaecides
2. Scale Removal & Control
3. Stain Removal & Control
4. Tile Cleaning
5. Phosphate Removal
6. Enzymes

Cleaning Equipment / Supplies
1. Filter Cleaners
2. Calcium Removers/ scale control
3. Stain Removers