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Paramount has been in business since 1964 and is proud to be "Made in America"! We've been the Worlds #1 In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System company for several years. This is reflected by the fact that 70% of the TOP 50 Pool Builders (Source: Pool and Spa News) are Paramount Dealers.

Homeowners considering a new pool are often concerned about the perceived maintenance issues and there is no better way to overcome that objection than with a properly installed and properly operating Paramount In-floor System. Since our patented pop up cleaning jets are nearly invisible, you'll avoid unsightly robotic cleaning devices and hoses in the pool as well avoiding the hassle of moving these bulky devices in and out of the water every time the family wants to swim. Your clients will enjoy the clean, beautiful look of their pool and put their precious free time to better use like family fun! With a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system the pool is always be swim-ready, along with the added peace of mind that comes with our lifetime limited warranty on the cleaning jets.

Paramount understands the value of Eco-Friendly products and in addition to providing automatic cleaning, In-Floor cleaning systems save on energy and chemical costs by more efficiently circulating your pool water. This helps prevent chemical evaporation by putting the chemicals where they are needed and keeps heated pools warm all over with no cold spots to worry about and faster heating from start to enjoyment time. You can extend your swimming season and save on energy and chemical costs for the life of your pool.

With a pool building heritage, located in Chandler, Arizona, Paramount also offers VGB Compliant safety drains, Clear O3 Ozone and Ultra UV water purification systems which are Eco-Friendly and reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain proper water chemistry, Paralevel Auto Fill systems, Parascope telescoping water features, JetPaks for the ultimate in-ground spa therapy, PARAGLO - our line of LED pool lights which sync with Pentair and Zodiac control systems and many other fine products. We now offer the Twirlybyrd and Airbar products. Twirlybyrd provides easy to install, interchangeable spa therapy jets. Airbar gives your pool or spa an inexpensive yet exciting bubble effect.

If you are a pool builder and would like more information, please contact Customer Service via phone at 1.800.621.5886 or e-mail( We also offer a comprehensive pool financing service available exclusively to authorized Paramount Dealers.