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Since 2008,® has been a leader in providing its revolutionary Hanging Float Rack® storage products, pool floats, pool “saddles”, pet safety vests, and a variety of poolside beverage and entertainment products. Many can be personalized with your logo for give-a-ways or “thank you for your purchase” gifts.® is the originator and manufacturer of the Original Hanging Float Rack® products. Our racks come in three styles that hang on any vertical surface freeing up valuable pool deck space, yet meet all your float storage needs. The original 3 and 6 Rack Models hold up to six pool floats and easily accommodate the Accessory Bag to store "noodles", goggles, masks, beach balls and other swim toys.

Our " Original Noodle House" is a portable way to store your "noodles" and other swim toys. The "Super Noodle House", our larger version, is designed for public pools, Homeowner Associations with pools, Swim Schools, YMCA's and YWCA's, Universities, resorts, and other facilities requiring larger storage capacity.

We are proud that all our Rack products, Floats, Pet safety devices and Accessory Bags are Made in the U.S.A.