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PBS Pool Products is founded with enthusiasm and innovation in making the pool activities safer, the pool jobs easier, and the pool industry better.
With an extensive experience in the pool and spa industry, PBS Pool Products knows your expectation and your needs. Our vision is to help people to enjoy using pools and spas. In addition to endeavoring for better pool product design
and greater product perf o rmance, PBS Pool Products makes unique and highquality pool equipment which reduces operating costs and daily maintenance.
We are proud to make the experience of owning and operating pools and spas more enjoyable. PBS Pool Products is truly dedicated to making your life easier.
We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

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Adjustable Pool Skimmer Plug / Valve

Adjustable Pool Skimmer Plug / Valve

* Features Multi-positional plastic plug / valve device to control the flow of suctioned water in a pool skimmer system.
* Used to plug multiple skimmers while vacuuming pools and spas.
* Adjustable for automatic pool cleaners.
* Works under and in tandem with skimmer diverter with no modifications.
* Never has to be removed during normal operations.
* Applications for 2” or 1.5” skimmer boxes.
* Click here to see how the Skimmer Valve / Plug works
* Patented

Fire Safety Pool Pump

Fire Safety Pool Pump

The Fire Safety Pool Pump provides instant fire protection for rural and suburban homes.

* Features The Fire Safety Pool Pump is a portable fire-fighting unit provides instant fire protection in an emergency when seconds count.
* Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that they have the ability to protect their homes and properties during emergencies by pumping huge amounts of water from pool, pond or lake in seconds.
* Exclusively represented by PBS Pool Products, the highly portable Fire Safety Pool Pump is ready to use and easy to operate by a single person. It can be easily stored in garage or shed.

* Specifications 5.5 hp Briggs and Stratton OHV engine driving a pacer pump.
* Pacer Pump Model SEB2UL-U51C
* 2" Inlet (IPT Suction) / 1 " Outlet (NST)
* The output is about 70 GPM at 65 PSI.
* It comes with a 100' x 1 " forestry spec fire hose and an adjustable flow nozzle.
* 1 " Lekan Adjustable Flow (Fog to Straight Stream) Nozzle
* Handy quick release storage reel
* 2" x 20' suction hose with strainer
* Solid steel dolly with red enamel finish

Emergency Shut-Off Switch Cover Plate with or without Alarm
PBS1002 (PBS1001 without Alarm)

Emergency Shut-Off Switch Cover Plate with or without Alarm

* Features Prevent unintentional shut-down of spa system
* Built-in alarm circuit with a warning tone that is activated when the cover is opened
* Easy to install ! It covers existing emergency shut-off switches and replaces existing single receptacle switch covers with single gang (opening).
* 9V battery operated
* Molded with UV resistant plastic
* Bold, easy to read lettering
* Water resistant construction for wet conditions
* Patented